Among Lynx

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New full length album "Once in a Blue Moon" is now available on streaming platforms and to purchase online

About Among Lynx

Their music is brazenly uncompromising in its raw, heavy and dirty sound. Rooted in American-influenced blues rock, they have been challenging the boundaries between modern and vintage since their inception in 2014. Primarily, they've made a name for themselves through their live shows - whether it's for a rock-loving crowd or on the roots scene, Among Lynx have gained a cross-genre fanbase over the years. Despite the fact that the band has experienced departures and additions over the years, their most recognizable traits - dirty slide guitars, frenetic harmonica, and the strong, soulful vocals - remain.

Their upcoming third full-length album Once in a Blue Moon is their most dynamic and mature so far. With melodies that stick in your head, there's no doubt that Among Lynx can weave modern pop into their swinging and distinctive take on roots rock, even if there's a sense of newfound weight and seriousness to the songs.

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